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Covert Electronic Surveillance

Covert surveillance has usually been the last tactic in the investigation process, whether dealing with illegal activities, theft, fraud, or even workplace crimes. As organizations seek new and proactive ways, a shift has occurred toward gathering intelligence and information surreptitiously, and covert surveillance is becoming more prevalent. On-time Investigations LLC provides covert surveillance in Maryland, giving hard evidence of a crime or fraudulent behaviour where suspicion already exists. We can either discourage offenders or give short-notice reactive services to aid in the development of evidence that allows organizations to take corrective action by combining our professional investigation and surveillance knowledge with the very latest in covert surveillance technology.

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Surveillance can be needed for anything whether it is your business or your personal relationships. Using a variety of approaches, such as mobile surveillance, static observation, and the deployment of covert surveillance equipment, guarantees that the best results are always supplied. Our operators are all highly competent professionals with years of experience. On-time investigation LLC surveillance agents in Maryland are taught how to employ specialized technology which can be used for all private affairs.

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On-time Investigation LLC covert surveillance Maryland teams are trained to work in difficult settings while gathering information, ensuring that evidence is acceptable in court or tribunals if necessary. We use sophisticated communication devices, photographic imaging equipment, and speciality vehicles. When legally justified, additional technology resources such as vehicle tracking devices are utilized to extend the capabilities of traditional on-the-ground covert surveillance. All of our surveillance measures are carried out in compliance with current legislation and our code of conduct. On the covert recording and storing of data with respect to surveillance subjects, we have a clear policy. Throughout surveillance initiatives, detailed written surveillance records are kept. We will give edited video and photographic still material from the day’s surveillance if possible/relevant.



When correctly placed, electronic surveillance, such as covert CCTV and audio, may be a highly effective tool during an investigation. Our equipment, which is custom-made to each client’s specifications and installed by our highly qualified technical employees using cutting-edge technology, maybe hidden in the most unexpected and unimaginable places, such as a ceiling, phone, or customized business product. On a short or long-term basis, electronic covert surveillance may be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of scenarios, including the most sensitive laboratories. On-time Investigation LLC will not acquire illegal intelligence or competitive intelligence, and any covert electronic surveillance investigations in Maryland & will adhere to established statutory guidelines.


What is a covert investigation?

Covert investigations, like conventional investigations, are fact-finding operations. They do, however, contain some significant variances. First, a critical aspect of the research is unknown. Special officers disguise themselves in order to fool others. They gather intelligence in order to discover illegal conduct.

What is the difference between covert and overt surveillance?

Covert surveillance, as the name implies, is conducted without the subject’s awareness, whereas overt surveillance employs visible and evident technologies.


On-time Investigation LLC operatives always conduct surveillance Maryland operations with integrity, professionalism, and operatives employed by On-time Investigation LLC. Associates are fully compliant with the parameters of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and other legal requirements. Any evidence gathered during an overt or covert surveillance investigation, including photographic and video evidence, documents, and logs, is available on-demand and can be used in court. If you want to learn more, please contact us right away.