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On Time Investigation LLC is trained here to be more zealous, patient and prompt. Over the years, we have employed various operators and operators, young and old, experienced in various scenarios, well dressed and most importantly well equipped for any event. We provide the following Investigation services in Maryland:

Child Custody - Personal Cases - Background Checks - Insurance Frauds - Infidelity (Spouse Cheating) - Public Affection - Covert Surveillance - Tag Searches - Car Sweeps - Indoor Bug Sweeps or any other matter you need investigation on.

When clients use the services of a private Maryland investigator of ours, they often comment that they have not previously used or seen the grade or standard used by our Covert Surveillance team and are satisfied. We are trained and disciplined to understand the professionalism required in all our responsibilities as well as all applicable local laws. If you are looking for a private detective in Maryland, then we are the ones you should trust.

With decades of law enforcement experience combined with years of professional training and modern equipment, our private investigators in Maryland work hard to uncover the truth and ensure you are always informed so that you can move forward in your research.

We document our independent research by various methods - photography, video, evidence gathering and written reports. If necessary, our detectives will be available for bail and court proceedings.

If you are ready to hire a private investigator in Maryland, we are a discreet, licensed and secured leading full-service private investigation agency. We solve your problems quickly and quietly.

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